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Viewing line item differentials in GitHub

The code and content for this resource is publicly available on GitHub. On of the key features of GitHub is the ability to easily view line item differentials (diffs) between versions:

  1. Navigate to the API Resource Guide repository on GitHub: onc-healthit/api-resource-guide.
  2. The relevant documents containing the ONC certification program information rendered on this website are located in the docs directory of the api-resource-guide repository.
  3. Click on a .md file that you want to inspect the history of.
  4. To browse the commit history click on the "History" button in the upper right hand corner of the page.
    GitHub history button located in the upper right hand corner
    History button on GitHub
  5. You are now on the page that shows the "commit" history for this file. Click on the button containing the hash of the commit you want to inspect.
    Commit hash button on GitHub
    Button containing commit hash on GitHub
  6. Now you can see the specific lines that changed with this commit.


    Toggle between different views on GitHub using the "Unified" and "Split" buttons.

    Unified and Split toggle buttons on GitHub
    Toggling between "Unified" and "Split" views on GitHub

  7. Additional information can be found on GitHub Docs: Differences between commit views.

Last update: November 17, 2022